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A nurse from my graduating class sent me this: "Was talking with a pt about the dying process and what he will be going through. After many tears together, I told him I would be sure to say... Read More

  1. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from tewdles
    To all of you planning your death bed care, I would recommend that you reconsider the "IV fluids" portion of your plan. In the hospice world IV fluids are generally not recommended and too often are the cause of troubling symptoms during the terminal phase.
    the above bears repeating and emphasis.
    dying folks are not hungry or thirsty.
    circulation and organs are shutting down.
    what families see as compassionate care (feeding/hydrating) is usually a major cause of distress when dying.
    (thanks, tewdles.)

  2. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Ok, but I still want the morphine rolling q4h, and was trying to save you the flush troubles- just bring a flush then.