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There's always a lot of talk (especially at administrative levels) about "professionalism" in nursing. A recent question here was "What can we do to promote professionalism?" I'm not going to... Read More

  1. by   allthesmallthings
    Quote from sanchy
    Hi. Im an RN student and my teachers are the most improfessional people in the whole world. They constantly sit down at the nurses station to gossip, they publiclly humiliate us in front of other health professionals and even the patients how can nurses get any credibility with people like that. Ive never seen say a doctor trainee being treated like that its unheard us but us were like cattle its okay! its so degrading. Our teachers are doctor wannabes on a power trip. ive met very few people who are actually proud of being nurses.
    That's terrible, sanchy - both that your teachers act like that, and that you've met "very few people [...] actually proud of being nurse." Maybe I'm lucky, but every nurse I meet (whether a good one or a bad one, for whatever that's worth) is proud of being a nurse...or at least knows that the lay public respects nurses.
    I hope that you're either able to rise above that toxic situation, or to get out of it. Take care.
  2. by   LTlove'09
    I am a nursing student who is in the home stretch with just about 12 weeks left and I came online to find some ideas on questions I could ask a speaker for class. WOW! This place is great! I agree with everything every one of you had to say. Here I am as a student doing research for something as silly as asking a question in class all because my instructors are on power trips. I cry a lot of the time because I just want to be a great nurse and I feel like nothing I do in regards to school is right. I can NOT wait to be out of school but I'm scared to death of being on the real nursing end of things once I get out. My mother and brother are nurses so I do get lots of encouragement but my educators can have some empathy too ya know.
  3. by   tokmom
    Quote from LilPeanut
    I'll disagree with the uniform thing too. I work at a children's hospital and it goes a long way to make the kids feel better. There are plenty of Drs. who have decorated their lab coats as well, to make patients feel more at ease.
    IMO, children hospitals are exempt.