Peer Reviews used as a tool to be malicious? - page 2

We are doing peer reviews at my facility. I haven't gotten mine yet or have been asked to do one. But, from what I'm hearing from other staff members is making me very uncomfortable. Some of the... Read More

  1. by   MassED
    I do have to say, when evaluations are done ANONYMOUSLY, it can be a great tool. Once I pointed out to my manager that actually putting a name on an evaluation WILL lead to resentment, animosity, retribution and all of those other things that come about, she agreed that a name should be removed if those issues could arise. Of course they can and will. As professionals, we should be able to accept constructive criticism, but evaluations should be expected to be professional and evaluated based on certain criteria. There are interpretations within nursing and each nurse has a way of going about the same thing in a different way. One would think that maturity is innate in nursing and thus evaluations, but it is not always. This is the issue with peer evaluations. I think for nurses to truly evaluate, they need to take ego out of the equation and point out positives and things that need to be worked on for that individual.
  2. by   Sue Damonas
    When I worked in the hospital we had to do the peer reviews and we all realized what BS they were, we all gave one another good reviews. I remember this one time that I was asked to say something negative about one of my coworkers and I wrote that I honestly could not think of anything negative.I was given grief but told them that I could not lie and would not.