Need Help Writing a Reference letter

  1. I am writing a reference letter for a nursing student I precepted for an extended period of time. She is graduating soon and is applying to places and I'd like for her to have this to take to interviews with her.
    I'm just looking for some help on what to include. I have written that she has good work ethic, professional appearance , compassionate, willing to learn, accepts constructive feedback, etc.
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  3. by   llg
    I notice that the list of things you have included say nothing about her actual knowledge and skills. All the things you wrote about describe her personal qualities. Include some assessment of her professional knowledge and skills. How does she compare to other students and new grads you have worked with? Is she more knowledgable or less? Is she good at assessment? Understand the physiology? Make good clinical decisions regarding patient care? Good with technical skills? etc.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Some information on how she presented and then how she progressed under your tutelage, e.g., "Jenna was nervous in her first few days. Although her basic knowledge was appropriate for this point in her education she needed some encouragement to dive into the world of critical care. However, within a week she began to use all staff members as resources to validate her physical assessments and decisions on nursing actions. This was followed by increasing confidence in performing such tasks as phlebotomy, measuring cardiac outputs, and managing tracheostomies. She developed a good working knowledge of hemodynamics and hemodynamic medications, blood gases and ventilation, critical-care mobility, and wound care. ... By the end of her rotation, she was performing at the advanced beginner level with specialty beds, wound VAC, gastric intubation, central lines, and emotional support for family members ... "

    Like that...
  5. by   KRVRN
    You can google "letter of reference" or something to that effect and find examples that you can then use as a template.