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  1. I have been employed in the dallas texas area for 2 years, I have been getting canceled a lot lately due to low census on the unit. I have reapplied at a hospital baylor, eventhough i quit without giving notice during orientation, I know what you might be thinking but the conditions the nurses where under was not right, and I lost my father so the two stress was too much and i quit. Now that I want to quit and give plently of notice, i cant seem to get an interview, am i being paronoid that maybe the place i quit somehow i guess black listed me what do you think, If so what can I do?
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  3. by   Esme12
    Don't you have that "service" in Texas known for blackballing people and giving them bad references? What is the name ...something ONE?

    You quit without notice it maybe why the are not calling you for an interview. Go there in person. Turn it in by hand. Lesson learned will be fine. Keep plugging along.
  4. by   delawaremalenurse
    you had a position with were in left WITHOUT notice thereby essentially turning your back on them and their employ....hmmmmmmm

    OF COURSE that's why you're not getting an were marked as a "no rehire"!!
  5. by   Meriwhen
    While I understand that you had a lot on your plate and needed to leave the job, the fact is that you did quit without notice. To most employers, to do that is an automatic "Do not rehire" regardless of why you quit.

    Is there anyone at that former place--anyone--that you were on good terms with? Perhaps they can help you get back in there.
  6. by   rmerryfield
    less attitude more help
  7. by   cally527
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    less attitude more help
    They are all just telling you the plain, ugly truth. Based on your original post, you quit without notice. You have now re-applied for a job at that same facility and are wondering why you are not getting an interview.
    The answer is simple. You have been blacklisted or categorized as Non re-hireable. When you quit without notice or stop showing up for a job (job abandonment) you are considered a "do not rehire" for that entire healthcare system or corporation. (Not just that one particular facility, but all the facilities or companies that they own). The company does not care why. (I had an employee get arrested and miss several shifts. He was a great employee, always on time, worked hard etc. His friends told me what happened so I was able to get coverage for his missed shifts, but I was forced to terminate him as job abandonment because he never called me himself. 6 month later when he got out of jail he came to see me about getting his job back and I was not able to re-hire him.)

    You ask for help, I suggest 2 things.
    First, If the only reason you want to leave your current position is because you keep getting cancelled due to low census, check with HR and see if there are any openings in another unit that does not have the same low census issues.
    Second, If you are hell bent on getting out of your current position, apply to facilities that are not in the same system as the one you quit without notice.

    Good luck with your job search!