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I'm moving to Oz this October, and I would like to apply to a nursing agency. Is there a favourite? Or one that I should avoid?

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In Victoria Belmore won the contract as the preferred supplier of casual staff to public hospitals. If you want exposure to public hospitals in Victoria they are the one to go to.

If you are an RN you must have experience though, they are a good agency..

Where are you moving to? I worked in melbourne through an agency but they have since lost contracts with the public hospitals, I'm in darwin now and working with medoserve, great agency!

I recently contacted Nursing Network Agency to enquire about a position advertised on the MyCareer website and was not impressed by their recruitment staff at all. The woman I spoke with was rude, not clear about specifications and requirements for the role I was enquiring about and provided details that differed from the role advertised (e.g. the role was advertised as casual and she stated it was full time; the role was advertised as available, she stated that it was not and so forth).

After sharing my qualifications and experience, she tried to recruit me for a position that I was clearly unqualified for and that she obviously needed to fill very quickly. She was not impressed when she stated that I did not feel qualified to take on that role.

She also tried to pressure me into joining the agency despite not being able to provide me with any information about available work that suited my requirements.

Based on this I would recommend avoiding this agency: Australian Nursing Agencies | Nurse Sydney | Nursing Agency in Sydney and UK

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