What's the Best Path to CRNA?

  1. Hello Nurse Beth,

    I am interested in becoming a Nurse Anesthetist and have come to ask you the best way to achieve this. Quick background:

    I graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2013. I am a
    26 year old woman. Since graduating college, I have worked primarily as a chemist, but have also worked jobs like special ed teacher and house mom in a group home for abused teenage girls. I have been looking for a career path that balances my desire to help people with my love of science. After handling someone else's medical emergency (DKA), I realized that medicine is the best place for me. After extensive research, I have landed my mind on becoming an eventual Nurse Anesthetist.

    My question is how best to achieve this.

    My current plan is to do a Direct Entry Master's degree and then work as a nurse for a few years. Then I plan on doing a DNAP. Do you have any advice on a better education path? I don't want to go too far into debt.

    Dear Best Path to CRNA,

    Becoming a CRNA is a great goal. You are right to start off getting your RN, but getting a Master's degree first is not the most direct path to your goal of being a CRNA. Instead you might look at accelerated BSN programs, designed for people like you who already have a Bachelor's degree.

    Work in ICU for a couple of years as an RN, then apply to CRNA programs.

    They are competitive and while you are in school, you will not be able to work.

    You can always pursue your doctoral degree later if you wish, and if it fits with your career goals by that time.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   subee
    Why do you want to be a CRNA? Do you understand the positive and negative of this kind of work? You have to be an experienced nurse first. There's swoop many ways to be a nurse