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Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new grad who graduated this summer with my BSN. I was let go from my first nursing job only after 2 weeks. I graduated with honors and had my capstone in a busy Emergency... Read More

  1. by   rnpatrick
    Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador

    "The importance of providing a comprehensive orientation program for new graduate nurses is well
    documented (Godinez et al., 1999; Hernandez, 2001; Kells & Koerner, 2000; Proehl, 2002; Remus, Smith &
    Schissel, 2001; Revis, Thompson, William, Bezanson & Cook, 1996; Williamson, 2001; Winter-Collins &
    McDaniel, 2000). Orientation programs that encourage new nurses to feel welcome, safe, valued and nurtured
    eases transition and enhances their overall satisfaction. Several authors have recognized the importance of a
    supportive practice environment for new graduates (Beeman, Jernigan & Hensley, 1999; Lavoie-Tremblay et
    al., 2002; Winter-Collins & Mc Daniel, 2000). An orientation program that addresses the new graduate's need
    for belonging and security by placing socialization as the first organizational goal, contributes positively to role
    adjustment (Beeman et al., 1999). In addition to a comprehensive orientation program, other key supports
    recommended to ease transition and encourage nurse retention include: access to continuing education
    opportunities, formal preceptoring and mentoring relationships, strong nursing leadership, adequate
    nurse:client ratios and support for evidence-based practice (RNABC, 2002).
    Orientation program time frames for new and experienced nurses vary widely in the literature; typical periods
    suggested are three to four months for a new graduate in an acute care setting, six months or more for
    specialty areas, and six weeks for an experienced nurse in transition (Beeman et al., 1999; Fey and Miltner,
    2000; Wolgin 1998). Generally, nurses recommend longer orientation periods than they are currently receiving
    in the workplace (Noseworthy & Harnett, 2002; Nursing, 1999; Remus, Smith & Schissel, 2000; Tar Heel
    Nurse, 1998). It is noteworthy that a Newfoundland and Labrador study also reported that the adjustment
    period for new graduates to feel comfortable in taking on full responsibility is up to six to seven months (Janes
    et al. 2002); thus supporting the need for longer orientation programs"
  2. by   josieridad2018
    Dear New grad who got fired...
    Your situation is a classic example of a harassment victim of nurses who eat their young. There are a lot of inconsistencies in your situation. You graduated with honors. Not every nurse graduates with honors. That alone should give you an edge over others. You were given 5 patients when other co-orientees were given one. When you asked questions, you were snobbed by your preceptors instead giving you answers. Did your preceptor remind you that there is no such thing as stupid questions and it is better to ask questions rather than pretend to know then harm a patient? I think you should consult a lawyer for wrongful termination.