Why is there so much stress and burnout among nurses?I am writting a research paper.

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    If it does not work for you try typing in www.care-nurse.com and go to stress forum
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    Shift work, lack of full-time positions, no respect from public or fellow workers (nurses eat their young, old and middle aged...), low staffing, overtime, HUGE responsibility, not so huge paychecks, large number of injuries and violence in the profession, fear of litigation, seriously draining nature of the work (dying people, grieving families, etc)....need I go on?

    It's got it's upsides too, but I can see why people who don't take really good care of themselves can get burned out.
  5. by   -jt
    Fergus hit the nail on the head. Do a search on this website, using the show-as-posts button and look for posts discussing "working conditions". There has been a whole library of information posted here over the past 2 yrs on the subject of why nurses are burning out. Lots of research material for your paper is right here on this webiste, from news articles to comments by real nurses in the trenches. Click on & read the articles in the threads below for a sample:

    Nurses Link Working Conditions To Exodus of RNs From Patient Care

    Mandatory OT -
    We Need A Nurse Emancipation Act
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    can only ditto -jt, fergus hit it on the head........

    so just ditto.............

    lots of luck with paper.....there is also another site I am thinkin of that may help.....if I can find it will post the address
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    here are my attempts to post two sites.....

    first is thread here on allnurses.com.....(and there are many threads about this subject).....use search

    1) allnurses.com/forum/showthreadid. php?'s=14305&highlight=bullies + in + the + workplace

    2) nurseadvocate.org/nurse abuse.htm/

    hope it helps.......

    good luck on your paper,,great studying and learning.........


    day I quit learning is the day I die.......or maybe not.......
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    It's all about BALANCE. You must have balance in your life to stay healthy. Balance between work and leisure. When you are overworked, you lose your balance and you have trouble finding peace in your life. It's very simple. Balance=Homeostasis , a concept we nurses understand but many times we don't apply this concept to our own lives.
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    you got to be kidding, here is a concept. Work 3 12 hour shifts on a oncology floor, or a medsurg floor. You clean up the ****, puke, drainage, get yell at by MD's who think there GOD, have your supervisor tell you your working short, and to get over it, have family yell at you for bringing coffie instead of tea at lunch, and then be told you not being a caring nurse because you need a few moments to take a break instead of taking report on your 5th admission.....

    give me a break.