What has ANA Done for me lately: Oct 02

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  3. by   renerian
    I am ashamed to say I am not a member. I just don't have the money with five of the seven of my family in college. In August I have another child going but I will be done by then. It takes every penny we have to pay for that many peoples college tuition.

  4. by   montroyal
    What laws regaurding safe nurse to patient ratio has the ANA been actively involved in? How many Nursing strikes has the ANA brought there lobbying ability to the support of the nurses who are looking for a safe working enviorment and fair wages? How many trails for the prosecution of people who have committed work place violence againts nurses has the ANA been present at? How many hospitals and facilities has the ANA publicly labeled as unsafe to patients and staff? What public pressure has the ANA brought againts the AHA(American Hospital Association) to the benifit of nurses? What laws have the ANA help author with regaurds to Nursing recruiting and retention.

    It is these question and other like it I want to see answered by the ANA when they are asked "What have you done for Nurses Lately". When the ANA can provide specific responses to questions such as this, their membership will grow. Until the ANA acts in the best interest of Nurses, they will continue to see chapters such as CNA ( California Nurses Association) break away from them and act in the best interest of their nurses.
  5. by   -jt
    Most of the RN strikes around the country are ANA strikes & the ANA supports them. Nurses of the ANA wrote the Nurse Retention - Quality Care Act which focuses on staffing, mandatory ot, recruitment & retention. To be more specific, it was the nurses of the New York State Nurses Association-ANA who wrote that bill. ANA was the leader for the Nurse Reinvestment Act, which includes retention initiatives & has already been passed into law. They wrote the VA Nurse Retention Bill which was also signed into law this past August. They wrote the Patient Safety Act, which addresses RN staffing ratios & staff mixes, and requires facilities to disclose their staffing levels & data to the public, including their mortality rates. They took the lead in writing several other bedside RN shortage-related bills that will improve RN working conditions & that are now in Congress going thru the process to become law. They spearheaded the Safe Nurse Staffing National Campaign on Capitol Hill to get these bills into law & ANA nurses are doing the same in the legislatures of their respective states thru their state nurses associations at the local level simultaneously. You can find more info about that on the ANAs individual state nurses assocs websites.

    Some of the answers to your questions have been posted here extensively in previous threads. Some can be found if you read through the What Has ANA Done For Me Lately newsletter and you can also find more answers to your questions in several places on the ANA website:






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