Understanding "Union Busting"

  1. Thought provking article from CNA's Revolution Magazine:

    Who you gonna call?
    Busting the Union-Busters.
    July-August. 2001

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  3. by   Burden of Proof
    Yes, isn't it amazing just how much money hospitals will spend to try and prevent nurses from bettering themselves AND their patients' quality of care?! Perhaps "pattycake92 - What are ya'll complaining about??" would do well to read that article before she gives up her teaching profession. I know the "grass is always greener," etc.; pattycake appears to suffer from color-blindness.
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  4. by   oramar
    The line in particular that made my blood run cold was, "when managment brings in union busters it turns over the hospital to them and closes it's eyes".
  5. by   fiestynurse
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  6. by   fergus51
    It's funny because intimidation tactics are traditionally associated with unions! In real life I have never felt harassed by any union members.
  7. by   pabamick
    The nurses at Enloe Hospital in Chico, CA stood together and beat the Burke Group in Sept. of 2001 by 60 votes for CNA representation. It was a huge battle with millions of dollars wasted that could have been used to retain and attract nurses to our area. Now over a year later we are still trying to get our first contract. The issues left are mandatory overtime, union shop and wages. The hospital still has a consultant here to help with the contract. The nurses are still a strong united front who realize the importance of a protected voice in our work place and the need for good wages and benefits to attract nurses to our small town. We have filed many unfair labor practice acts against the Burke Group and Enloe Hospital that had to be posted in the hospital. As a former charge nurse in the ICU-CCU, I gave up my job to remain in the bargaining unit. I have never regretted that decision, I want to be a voice in the future of nursing.