two articles I would like to see posted

  1. Over at, ERs'winter Nightmare:Bioterror, Flu Season and Skipping Gimmicks, keeping Nurses. The first is currently posted on there main page, the other is under Nursing News.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    Please feel free to post any articles here of interest as long as source included/credited. I'll try n find and post.
  4. by   oramar
    Thank you Karen for responding to my post. I am sorry I do not know how to cut and paste. Many people have tried to explain the process to me and I have never been able to follow through. There are two very important new articles over on healthleaders. One is about the change in goverment protocols for treating anthrax victums, they so important I think every health care worker should see them ASAP. The other is a Round Table Discussion of the future of Hospitals.
  5. by   nightingale
    Thank you for posting the website....

    I could not find the ER Winter BioTerrorism Article.... any Ideas on how to find it?

    I did see the article about winning the right to set safe ratios... I was wondering if other states have enacted this...

    I really need to be more proactive in my inforamtion and this thread really helps me to pay attention to that..

    Thank you... B
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    See seperate thread located below.....need to scroll down this site to see all the great posts placed here by our active posters Chellsye66, Oramar, JT, etc..

    10/27/01 Corrected ER Winter, Bioterrorism link:

    Entire article posted on BB here:
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