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Has anyone worked as an agency nurse on a strike assignment? Is it ethical (being a scab vs making the hospital for over big bucks for your salary) or worth it? We could really use the money, but... Read More

  1. by   William_SRNA
    You could say it is no more unethical to work a strike as an RN than it is to abandon patients and strike in the first place. I've worked strikes before the money is good and I had a lot of fun. You and your family come first, and if people choose to strike that is there business. You are not obligated to any nurse period.
  2. by   clc79092
    I do not believe that working while others strike is unethical since I have a strong distaste for unions but then I was raised in Texas which has not been brainwashing people for decades about how great unions are. The patients come first! Someone has to take care of them while you are drinking you latte and waving a sign. If you do not like the conditions of employment then be an adult about it (quit whining and saying someone owes us more) just quit and find a job that you are happy with. If you want to be the ones in charge in a hospital or anywhere else for that matter the go into business for youself and invest your own money.
  3. by   rnpilot
    I had a relative that was a professional strike negotiator. He opened my eyes to the truth. Hand in glove. Win-win situation for both sides, and I don't mean the nurses.
  4. by   renerian
    I remember this topic came up before here, several times, I don't think it is ever that black and white, right or wrong etc.I have been union worker before my nursing days. I never crossed a picket line YET but I have been given a blessing to be able to feed my family, keep a roof over my head and for a family of 7 that is not easy.

    If my family was hungry, I would cross. Before I became a nurse I was hungry and it was not unusual for me to go several days without eating but my kids were never hungry, they always had food. Having said that, I would cross if my family was facing homelessness or hunger, I would cross in a minute.