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Hey, I just wanted to know if anyone else has had threats from management for stupid stuff, like not showing up for "Mandantory Meetings". I just started this job and have noticed that at the bottom... Read More

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    Twice since I started working in a hospital as an RN one of my kids have been hospitalized. The first time it happened to be right at the beginning of my weekend off and my 6 year old had a severe croup attack (cyanotic, pulse ox 50's:uhoh21: ), so I spent the weekend in the hospital with him and then went to work a few hours after he came home, and didn't miss any time, but was extremely exhausted at work that night. The 2nd time, my 4 year old ate 15 of her brother's 0.5 mg Risperdals and ended up unresponsive in the ER (she's okay). I called in on the way to the hospital, and the supervisor told me "that's okay, we'll manage, just take care of your child". I guess my whole point in this monologue is that sometimes nurses who are also parents have to speak out and say "no, my child comes first this time".
    I don't think anyone disagrees w/that. I think the poster's point was that this employee had a pattern of lame-excuse call-ins and, eventually, enough is enough. People need to realize that, as human beings, we ALL have a life outside of our job. Some have kids, some elderly parents, some just need a mental health day. But, when it comes to REPEATEDLY begging off shifts you have been scheduled for, we ALL need to be more considerate of other's needs. As I wrote, we ALL have a life outside of our job. But, responsible adults live up to their responsibilities unless there is an OVERWHELMING reason not to.