Stand Up and Be Counted for Safer Staffing

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    subject: stand up and be counted for safer staffing

    as the busy holiday season gets underway, we're still fighting for safer staffing in our hospitals. and were making our voices heard in the halls of congress and at the seiu nurse alliance website.
    (nursing union. karen)

    the safe nursing and patient care act (h.r. 3238/s. 1686) has been introduced in both the u.s. house and senate. this common-sense, bipartisan bill prohibits hospitals from requiring a nurse to work in excess of the scheduled work shift or duty period, 12 hours in a 24-hour period, or 80 hours in a consecutive 14 day period.

    take action today!
    but we need more co-sponsors to make it happen! take action today and tell congress that patients need quality time, not overtime at:

    is too much overtime putting a strain on you and your patients? we've put together a short, five-question survey to find out what nurses like you are experiencing on your hospitals. your participation will help us gather the information that congress needs to reduce overtime in our hospitals.

    be counted in our safe staffing survey!
    take a few minutes and be counted at:

    together, we can make our voices heard, and we can make a difference for our patients and our profession.
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