Salary survey

  1. Nursing2003 Salary Survey,
    which was published in the January 2003 issue. Survey ends March 31, 2003. Results will appear later this year in print and online at (click Resources and Survey).

    Nursing Management's Salary Survey,
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Thanks Karen! All done!
  4. by   Repat
    Thanks, Karen! I've completed both surveys you have highlighted here recently! I think they're very informative.
  5. by   -jt
    Funny questions - What does your hospital "offer" you? What a joke. My hospital "offers" us nothing. We fought tooth & nail for the last 19 years as a union to get everything we have & our employer fought us every step of the way - offering us only the door if we didnt like it. We fought back & every single thing we have, we got ourselves.
  6. by   debyan
    Done! I would love a retention bonus ! One for the poor sucker that was there through the tough times. deb
  7. by   jnette
    Completed. Submitted.

    Thank you !