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    What Are Pay-for-Performance Programs?
    Pay-for-performance programs go under a variety of names: contingent or "at-risk " pay, variable pay, profit sharing, gainsharing, to mention only a few. Their common denominator is the linking of financial rewards for employees to improvements in the performance of the group.
    If they've got the money for incentives or rewards why not just add it to wages for the way under compensated work nurses already do? I can't believe it's suggested that nurses need to do more. Give nurses decent wages, working conditions, and the respect they deserve. The quality patient care and productivity will follow.

    Achievement emphasizes reducing costs and increasing profits...
    This just sounds dirty! I do the best I can in not wasting supplies, time, etc., but I think this type of thinking by us everyday staff nurses (especially the increase profits part) not only harms nurses, it will harm patient care as well because the focus turns from I'm doing everything I can to make Joe Blow in bed 15 comfortable to cha$ching, if I could just figure out a way to make Joe's stay a little more profitable.

    I'm also in complete agreement with those who oppose subjective reviews. No, I don't trust all of my co-workers.

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    we have gainsharing at my hospital, however, all it involves is financial savings among the employees..you know the routine, waste not want not..turn out lights, don't waste paper, etc..

    it has nothing to do with performance..its a financial measure only...last year ft employees received 900.00 checks...

    this year is supposed to be much better...