RN killed in Minnesota

  1. Nursing lost a beloved friend when Senator Wellstone died in the plane crash. We also lost a nurse:

    <ANA Expresses Condolences Over Loss of Minnesota Nurse11/01/02

    The ANA was saddened to learn that a Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) member was among the eight people killed in the crash of Sen. Paul Wellstone's plane on Oct. 25. Airplane Capt. Richard Conry, RN, was frequently requested by Wellstone to pilot his chartered flights. Conry, who had worked for American Airlines for a number of years, became a dialysis nurse a few years ago when he left the airline. Friends recall he went into that field because he knew there was a shortage in it. Even after he went back to flying, he continued working as a dialysis nurse part-time. Colleagues described Conry as someone who "truly cared for his patients." His wife, Johanne, is also a member of the MNA. For more information, go to
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  3. by   oramar
    Oh my gosh -jt, that is first time I heard that.
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    And it's the first time I heard it also, -jt. Thanks for posting it.
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    Thanks for the post jt... what a loss....