RN Fired for Free Speech Rights Reinstated at San Ramon

  1. August 16, 2002

    CNA Calls on Tenet, Hospital Officials to End Efforts To Restrict Free Speech and Undermine Patient Safety

    A Registered Nurse fired Thursday by San Ramon Regional Medical Center in eastern Contra Costa County just hours after her colleagues submitted a petition for representation election to join the California Nurses Association has been unconditionally reinstated.

    Dismissal over union flier at hospital raises eyebrows
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  3. by   sjoe
    Tenet strikes again!
    Of course, federal law is on the RN's side and I hope she wins a big chunk of money in addition to the reinstatement.
    But...I've been most underwhelmed with the CNA and so far have found them to operate as a company union, with all but nonexistent support for nurses (except in terms of salary, which, of course does help, but doesn't begin to solve the problems).
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