REport: Violence in the Workplace

  1. from ana:

    highlights of the bureau of justice statistics special
    report on violence in the workplace, 1993-1999

    the department of justice reports that between 1993 and
    1999, nurses experienced workplace crime, predominantly
    assaults at a rate 72% higher than medical technicians and
    at more than twice the rate of other medical field workers.
    an average of 429,100 nurses per year reported that they
    were victims of violent crimes in the workplace.

    workplace victimizations against women were less likely to be reported to the police than those against men.

    we all knew that from self-reports here.

    check out ana's links for ideas to reduce workplace violence:
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  3. by   teeituptom
    Ive been in er now for 16 years. Ive been punched,hit spat on. Ive had my right shoulder dislocated by a combative drunk, the police sent us. Im missing to front teeth from another combative drunk, where I was trying to protect a smaller female nurse. And various other assorted minor scrapes and stuff. Partially due to the fact we have a completely hands off security force, they will get on their radios and call for the police while they watch you get hurt. Of course the median age of the hospitals security is probably over 50 y/o. And lets not discuss their IQ or mental status. Im somebody who is unhappy with our security.
    Unsecurely yalls
  4. by   donmurray
    Seems security work only pays enough to get thoese kind of staff. CNN tonight covered the new, upgraded defences for nuclear facilities, I think it was Tennessee, where the staff are complaining that a third of the "guards" are of retirement age, one third look like they are their grandchildren, and the rest seem like they are up to the job.