Questions about Nurse Reinvestment Act

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    I'm getting ready to head back to school to get my BSN. I've already got a BS in Computer Science, but have decided to go into nursing instead. In any case, I have no clue how I'm going to pay for this stuff. I've already got $36,000 in loans from my CS degree that need paying.

    So, anyway...I've read the NRA, but I don't fully understand it. Is this going to be able to pay for my schooling just like a grant of some kind? There is supposedly going to be money for loan repayment as well...will that go toward paying off my loans from my first degree? What kind of sponsorship is involved in all this? I'm very confused. Thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me!!!

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  3. by   fulwood - I think this is website that might have some of information you are looking for.
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    Nurse Reinvestment act is not yet funded-so help write to your legislators.

    Above or all good sites for info
    Also check out
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    The Nurse Reinvestment Act is a new national law that will provide nursing scholarships, conditional loan forgiveness for nurse student loans, funding to increase nursing programs, & funding to help hospitals make workplace improvements & provide recruitment/retention incentives -- BUT the law cannot be implemented until Congress applies the funds to it -- and they havent done that yet!!

    Nurses & potential nurses need to flood their Congressional representatives offices with calls,letters & emails telling them to get off their rumps & apply the $250 million to the Nurse Reinvestment Act NOW.

    Registered Nurses = Real Votes.

    Contact your Congressman at