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Local Op/ed piece: Primary Care:Nurses don't play second fiddle when it comes to your health. Primary Care Nurses don't play second fiddle when it comes to your health. by Jenn Carbin... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    One of my favorite nurse entrepeneurs is Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio and she loves to tell this story. (abridged and paraphrased)

    "When people say to me 'why didn't you become a doctor, you are soooo intelligent', I tell I them I was a doctor once, but didn't like the focus...wanted to have TIME with my patients and REALLY make a difference in their lives, so I decided to go to NURSING SCHOOL instead. "

    It bothers me that society is so ridiculously enamored with doctors.

    I also bothers me that I don't have the time with patients I had in days is unfortunate. In ICU I have MORE time if they stay with me awhile once they're stable...and I enjoy that time with my patients.

    Personally I know in my heart the difference I've made in countless ICU patients. But I do tire of hearing all the credit going to the doctor when someone recovers from a catastrophic illness. <sigh>

    I am fortunate to work with a few exceptional docs who have said in front of the nurses "The good nursing care you received had a lot to do with your recovery'.

    I'm always pleased to hear that straight from the horse's (doctor's) mouth.:roll
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