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  1. (just a note about me: I am just starting my pre-reqs at a community college, going back to school to get a second bachelor's, the first was in women studies which i loved but couldn't do much with. after many paths, finally figured out what i really want to do!)

    i have been a grassroots community organizer for 15 years and would like to merge my nursing with organizing. i am particularly interested in care access, etc in communities of color. are there any organizations that focus on these issues from the perspective of understanding the systems of oppression (racism, classism, heterosexism, etc)? i am in northern california but even here haven't had much luck finding groups. any ideas?

    i am also looking for nursing publications that are progressive and see things through the aforementioned lens.

    thanks so much!
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    thanks for the links!
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    if you are getting your bsn at a major state university or liberal arts college, there will be plenty of opportunities for community health/ grassroots training. Ask around as to what faculty work mainly in that area, and then ask them to mentor you. Often faculty specializing in non-clinical areas dont teach undergrads at universities, but will talk with oyu and mentor you if you show initiative (that's what i did, and it worked out well). Often these faculty have long time ties to NGO's and organizations, or can at least tell you who else to talk to.
    Best of luck!