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  1. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Quote from spacenurse
    Don't we the people own the airwaves?
    Why not require debates in prime time for a broadcast license?
    If you'll remember back to the 1992 debates, the 'main' aka party candidates only allowed Perot at ONE debate and most such debates always have at main issue exactly which candiates are viable enough to participate.

    Again, once legislated, the parties in power will manipulate the process to THEIR advantage, and NOT to a fair advantage.

    The only way to prevent such an outcome is to micromanage the rules to the point that they cannot allow for exceptions. The result is the law of unintended consequences: in an attempt to BE fair, every known equation of fairness could not only NOT be anticipated, each and every example would foment intense debate about what exactly IS fair. The results, Court challenges in forum shopped venues to get decisions that equate to gaining an upper hand.

    In short, the power of the people rests WITH the people. ANY time we turn that power over to gov't, for ANY reason, the result is to take that power OUT of our hands and place it in the hands of those with a vested interest in the results NOT based upon fairness.

    The gov't might be OF the people, but it is run by those with their own agendas. The founding fathers fully understood this, and THAT is why free speech shall be unabridged. Since money is speech that means the free flow of money in elections must also be unabridged: not denied, and not manipulated, in any way.

    Bottom line: lobbyists and big business might have an upper hand with dollars, but that is countered by very powerful forces: 1. Most lobbyists are comprised of interest groups comprised of individual people - in itself, that is a pooling of dollars by the electorate to get out their views, a form of free speech. 2. Big business is also accountable to 'voters'; the masses of consumers with the ability to vote with their feet. 3. Ultimately, it is NOT lobbyists and big business that vote in bloc in elections; it is the individual voters. THAT is the ultimate 'upper hand'.

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  2. by   pickledpepperRN
    Well when a citizen needs a prescription medication that person pays for lobbiests to work against the best interest of all people including those whose money pays for the needed medication.

    If you need fuel to go to work your money goes to pay for the oil lobby.

    Why must we pay for the free "speech" of multinational corporations whose only interest is profit?

    When people change their locus of control and realize WE are the government NOT corporations WE will improve our government.
    It is always a struggle. Then we die. Iwould rather work for good than give up.