Nothings changed 57 yrs later in nursing

  1. found at ruby lane:

    rn magazine, september 1950

    correlation to today's online nursing programs:

    a. rn speaks, where angels fear to tread --
    "outspoken criticism of correspondence nursing programs...
    the products of these schools have learned to nurse patients by mail, by by demonstration on chase dolls, and in the more progressive schools, by means of visual aids, all without touching a live patient at the bedside..."

    ftc goes after school for false advertising as not recognized by state boards of nursing or practical nurse association

    b. practical nurse school tangles with the law
    "87 % hospitals... unable to find as many nurses as they need...diplomas given upon graduation...."
    forgot to add:
    "must pay $6.50 nursing pin fee in order to receive receive diploma".

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  3. by   oramar
    Great stuff, the letter to the editor about realism vs idealism hit the nail on the head. Thankyou, thankyou.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    See you liked on Debits and Credits page "Loyal Slaves" reader's response....

    [s] ...hospitals have held the upper and directive hand in the evolution of nursing is common knowledge. And when the nursing profession makes the material effort to tear away from those tyranical apron strings, the bridge between idealism and realism will herals the new and rightful and the sound foundation of a truely noble profession.
    Mrs. Hattie Brown[/s]

    Able to verify Hattie held AZ license, now expired. Gutsy lady.
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  5. by   imenid37
    The bogus nursing schools reminded me of..."Get a great job in the medical field in only six months" We have tons of the medical assistant schools in our area where grads earn a whopping 8.00/HR. upon graduation! They can go to LPN school for a year and earn twice that AND then continue for the RN for about 1/2 the cost! I also loved the debits and credits!
  6. by   malex107
    Can someone give me tips on making LPN school easier to understand,please. There is so much to remember