Non-nursing Clinical Oversight of LPN/RNs?

  1. How many office nurses are there out there? In the past two internal medicine practices I worked, they had or promoted a non-licensed nurse, usually medical assistant or social worker, as my clinical oversight. SOooooo against the BON statutes! The MA that "trained me" didn't even go to vocational school/college. She was "trained on the job", now calls herself a nurse (illegal). She was training how they give IM injections on ALL patients with a 5/8" needle. Really? Not to mention the documentation she though I shouldn't or didn't have time to do. She had no idea that my license could be taken away for such mistakes. Medical testing, like spirometry-performing wrong. I taught MA school for 2 years to include A&P together with clinical lab skills. If she had gone to school then this would not be an issue, right? Anyone else run across this? Has
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  4. by   Orca
    Medical assistants cannot supervise nursing practice. Period.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Individual MEDICAL PRACTICES are not under Board of Nursing regulation nor responsibility. Responsibility soley lives with physician/owner to meet state health department regulations along with Board of Medicine regs.

    The 37 states that have :Title "Nurse" Protection - American Nurses Association
    Add PA to list as of May 2012: Governor Signs Bill Protecting Title Nurse « Pennsylvania State Nurses Association

    Any acts "delegated" by physician to his staff to perform is under HIS license. Working in a medical practice it is the physician/owner who calls the shots. The supervision an office trained MA/ SW can be in general office P+P but can not be regarding your performance of nursing acts. You are also working under MD license delegated tasks. If your state has title protection, you do need to alert the physician regarding law + MA calling herself nurse in an "informational way" not accusatory " before issue is reported by client to nursing board".

    If you do not have a job description listing your responsibilities, time to meet with powers that be and get one drafted and have a professional unemotional conversation. I've found it best to write out concerns and list suggested actions/guidelines, mull it over for a day or two and set up meeting to discuss "for the best interest of your patients." Be prepared that final outcome may be you loosing position for making waves.

    Good luck in what you decide.
  6. by   kcnurse2003
    Thanks for the reply. Missouri does have title protection. I am no longer working for this practice and have complied a complete list of deficiencies and non-compliance issues for review by the Board of Healing Arts and BON. Additionally, the breach in OSHA, CLIA and Dept of Health complaints. It amazes me how many clinical staff there are that "break the rules" with total disregard to patient care, practice liability and ethics.
  7. by   brown eyed girl
    All I can say is WOW. SMH.
  8. by   AngelicDarkness
    I would have reported her the moment she started calling herself a nurse. They take that very seriously in my area.
  9. by   Orca
    Quote from AngelicDarkness
    I would have reported her the moment she started calling herself a nurse. They take that very seriously in my area.
    Professional misrepresentation to be sure.