Nominees Sought for PA State Board of Nursing Appointment

  1. A sixth position for a registered nurse was created on the PA State Board of Nursing with recent legislation that added the regulation of dietiticians to the BON's responsibilities. PSNA is looking for a registered nurse who is interested in being nominated by PSNA to serve on the Board of Nursing. The term is six years with eligibility to serve for two terms. Since this is a gubernatorial appointment, it is generally preferable to have a nominee of the same political party as the governor. However, it should be noted that successful nominees have come from the other political parties. The time commitment is about two days a month for BON meetings and hearings as well as preparation time in reviewing legal briefs, legislative acts, and educational materials.

    The following are the qualifications that PSNA desires in a potential nominee:

    *Pennsylvania resident
    *Graduate of an approved academic program for professional nursing.
    *A master's degree in nursing from a regionally and NLN (or CCNE) accredited college or university. Certification in a nursing specialty is recommended. Experience in advanced nursing practice is desirable.
    *Current PSNA membership
    *Actively engaged in nursing for at least five years immediately preceding the nomination.
    *Breadth and depth of knowledge about current issues in nursing and the ability to interpret and communicate the role of nursing and contemporary clinical practice to the public and governmental agencies.
    *An understanding of the functions of the Nursing Board within the governmental structure.
    *A commitment to fostering quality health care throughout the Commonwealth.

    The PSNA board considers the following in selecting nominees: present composition of the BON in relation to geographic distribution, cultural diversity, areas of practice, and the nominee's past contributions to professional nursing.

    Please email the names of any potential nominees to Michele Campbell, PSNA Executive Administrator, at All names received by September 26, 2002 will be considered if the above criteria is met. Questions or comments may also be directed to Michele.
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