N. Ireland: Ulster loses 2,000 nurses in two years

  1. Health Minister told to move urgently over staff crisis

    ...Although no reasons are given for their departure, the figures have caused concern among nursing leaders here as well as politicians.
    One Ulster nursing chief, Cathy Pugh, said nurses had been put under rising pressure resulting in a higher rate of stress-related illness.....

    ....Already, many hospitals have had to bolster their flagging staffing levels by bringing in nurses from overseas....

    Same the world over. Until the administrators understand the need or workplace reforms, the exodus will turn into a tidal wave and I sense that wave is cresting TODAY.
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  3. by   IRISHBREAD
    this truly scares me i have many cousins in the north some of them are nurses. i'll have to e-mail them
  4. by   oramar
    By overseas do they mean, USA, Canada or England? I wonder where they are and if the place they are going is somesort of Shagrala for nurses? I only ask this because if it is I want to go there to.
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  5. by   sjoe
    "nursing leaders have said these are only stop-gap measures and the long-term solution lies in the training of local nurses."

    Rubbish. There is no point in training more of them if the working conditions and pay are as bad as this article, and others, describe. They'll just leave for what they hope will be better conditions and more $$$ elsewhere. "Nurse Leaders" indeed!