More West Virginia doctors ready to walk out

  1. A Wheeling, W.V., surgeon says doctors in six other West Virginia cities are close to joining their Northern Panhandle peers by staging a walkout to protest rising medical malpractice insurance rates.

    Charleston Gazette, Jan. 8, 2003
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    here's another clear case of doctors uniting & sticking together! there will be more docs that will follow suit until the cost of mal-practice insurance is reduced.

    now if only the nurses can unite so effectively! finally, a thread that's about something other than flaming!

  4. by   renerian
    You watch. They will move mountains. Nursing needs to do something like that...........hmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for posting that Karen.

  5. by   -jt
    hmmmmm.... not one post here about how "unprofessional" these doctors supposedly are for doing such a blue collar thing as actually STRIKING for what they need? Where are all the posters who continually put nurses down for taking the same action? Not one post on the physicians message board from some doctor looking for "strike work" either. They know what it means to all be in the same boat & how to use their collective power. But everytime nurses try to do that, there are lots of other nurses chomping at the bit to help knock them back down for the right price. As long as nurses are willing to do that to each other, they will never move the mountains.

    Some nurses can really be a disgrace to themselves sometimes.
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