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As healthcare insurance premiums rise at their fastest rate in a decade, more Americans with higher incomes are going without. While the working poor make up the biggest chunk of the 41.2 million... Read More

  1. by   mattcastens
    unfortunately, a lot of folks here in the us believe that providing health care for all people would result in poor quality. we hear stories of people waiting in lines for surgeries and panic. never mind that we already "wait in line" now. the general public doesn't realize that emergent and urgent cases don't wait in canada, but that's the image they get.

    and what if, heaven forbid, we take away the link between health insurance and employment?? well then, everyone would stop working and spend every day at the clinic wasting money, wouldn't they?? yeah, because i don't get enough of the hospital as it is...

    oh, well. the rest of the world will have the last laugh when our health care collapses, in much the same way they shake their heads at our "fool-proof and morally correct" death penalty. but that's a whole different topic.

    don't mind me, i'm just another member of the green party.
  2. by   JMP

    I think anyone's ability to see past the evening news and find out what is really going on in the world should be applauded. Your post certainly suggests you can see past the BS.

    I feel, like I said in earlier posts, there is so much fearmongering in the press it is shameful.

    If any Americans can listen to or watch the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) - radio or would be worth it..... it is the equilivant to your National Public Radio. ( sort of). But if you rely on the big networks for your news.....buyer beware.
  3. by   mattcastens
    Thanks JMP!

    Back in the old days -- before I even got interested in nursing -- I worked for a citizen's organization that would lobby for single-payer health care. That's where I learned all my info. While I freely admit that some compromizes would have to be made as to our perception of "quality", the fact that all people would have access to health care would balance out the disadvantages.

    Now, I do know that there are Canadian nurses on the board that don't like the health care system up north. I'd love to hear from them about their points of view.
  4. by   Pretzlgl
    Matt - I agree with you that we "wait in line" now. I called my GYN 6 months in advance - and she was booked though the next 8 months! My father has been waiting for a colonoscopy to be scheduled since June. Granted, these examples are preventitive medicine, but still.
  5. by   JMP

    I am a Canadian RN who works with lots and lots of Canadian RN's in critical care. Many of my fellow RN's have been to the US to work, mmostly lured by big bucks. So they can compare. I would not dream of speaking for them, but from what they told me they where not that happy working in hospitals that where managed like businesses....where pts where treated like hotel guests. I did hear from them that the accomodations where great, new equipment, etc.

    But never did I hear anyone wish our health care system was like the US. Never, ever heard that.
  6. by   fergus51
    Didn't you guys read the book I told you to? It's called "Universal health care: the lesson Americans can learn from the Canadian system" or something like that. Go get it and read it. It's a really good book. Shows that some Canadians do wait longer for the same treatment as some Americans, but without poorer outcomes. Also shows Americans have more of the high tech equipment and testing, but don't get better outsomes using them.