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Hello . . . I came across three articles that piqued my interest due to the recent thread about men in nursing and why some leave. They are more geared towards men in society in general and whether... Read More

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    After 20 plus years, I also got out. It was hospital corporations, 12 hour shifts, constant demands for overtime, absolutely no respect, being expected to do more because we have downsized, short staffing, unqualified "bodies" in critical areas, HMOs, hospitalists, inadequate supplies, discharge because their insurance says so....I now work in a municple fire department, teaching medics and EMTs among many other things. My boss regularly tells me how valuable I am, I get praise from the firefighters and medics and yes I am male, but my wife also got out. She works as a hospice RN for a small company that actually cares about the patients. What a novel concept!