Medicare and Magnet status

  1. Someone told me the other day that soon Medicare will no longer reimburse hospitals who are not Magnet Status. I have a hard time believing this and can't find anything to verify it. Has anyone heard of this?

    I teach in an ADN/LPN program. This woman who has an ADN was saying she is having a hard time finding a job because she does not have her BSN and doesn't understand why we still have ADN programs. We live in a city that has a very competitive hospital market and lots of nursing schools, with several BSN programs. I understand that in our market, hospitals are demanding BSNs and they have the luxury to be able to do that.

    However, that is not true for a lot of the country. Rural areas do not have a plethora of unemployed BSNs that we have. Nursing Homes and not-for-profit clinics cannot afford BSNs. I still think there is a market out their for ADN degrees.

    I also think the Medicare/Magnet issue she proposed can't be true for the same reason. There are lots and lots of hospitals that will never be Magnet because of where they are and who they serve. I just can't see this as being true.

    Has anyone else heard of this?
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Cannot imagine this would be true/accurate since the majority of hospitals are not fact, there are no Magnet status hospitals with in 100 miles of where I live. Unless we all are missing something, someone has their facts wrong.
  4. by   herring_RN
    I've searched the site and cannot find mention of Magnet.
    CMS has regulations that must be met.
    in my state the hospital can be approved for no cost by the state department of public health or for a significant cost by The Joint Commission.

    CMS: Hospitals - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  5. by   LadyFree28 mention of this on the CMS website or any news from CMS at all.
  6. by   bristolrover
    Pray for the patient,s being looked after by a hospital facility that is pushing it's nursing staff to get their BSN in order to push the facilities desire,for whatever reason,to Magnet status.Many good nurses will no longer be able to give that energetic nursing care needed by that patient,who,sees in their nurses eyes total exhaustion ,that comes from their impossible balancing act of additional schooling in addition to working a full time job and their home life caring for husband and children.NURSES ARE ANGELS.But how long can those wings hold up.