Let's Party: ANA 2002 Convention - page 4

come to our party: 2002 ana convention learn how ana works, is protecting and promoting the profession of nursing, earn ceu's and reinvigorate your practice. (also get to meet nrskaren !) ... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Just thought I'd bring this forward so we could plan on meeting in Philly!

    I'm rooming with Bassbird and Moonshadeau, and we are coming into Philly on the 28th (I'm coming earlier in the day than they are). So, when and where is everyone meeting?


    Speaking for myself, I am SO ready for this years' convention: it should be quite interesting, to say the least.

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  2. by   -jt
    Im getting there on the 25th. Staying at the Loews. Leaving on the 28th. Daughters dance recital is the 29th & 30th. I have no idea where to meet. I figure Ill just stop by the Pennsylvania Nurses Assoc table & track down Karen.
  3. by   Jenny P
    Hey, Julie, I will bring the pics that I took last year along so you can have them. I'll be arrving in Philly at 1PM; will drop off my stuff at the hotel and then head over to the convention center right away. When are you leaving? I'll head over to the PNA area and look for Karen, or else look for you-- but where?