Its not all hopeless!!!

  1. With all the venting we do together over the situations in our workplaces today, it can get a bit depressing reading about all our work woes. Occassionally we need to remind ourselves that nurses ARE making a difference in these things. We ARE making more than just a dent in it all. Nurses ARE winning the fight - be it one facility at a time - or in state & federal legislatures. We shouldnt be depressed here, but rather inspired. There IS hope for the future because nurses are NOT all giving up. We all know what our problems are. Lets hear more about what we're doing to fix them & how we are succeeding. Soooo much is happening out there!! A few success stories I personally have first hand knowledge of are below. Im sure many of you know of many more. Id love to hear them!! Its time we picked ourselves up around here!

    Staten Island University Hospital Nurses Approve New Contract - ABOLISHES mandatory overtime & GUARANTEES safe staffing levels
    contract details:

    St. Catherine's RNs approve contract that limits overtime and ensures safe staffing
    contract details:

    Nurses at Presbyterian Approve Amazing Breakthrough Contract -
    contract details:

    Westchester Med RNs approve landmark contract
    6- figure RNs
    contrat details:

    New Saint Vincents Contract Sets the Pace
    contract details:

    Mount Sinai nurses approve new contract
    contract details:

    Samaritan Nurses Approve New Contract
    contract details:

    Staten Island Nurses Win Dramatic 25% - 30% Salary Increase
    contract details:

    New York Nurses Hail Signing of Healthcare Whistleblower Protection

    New Yorkers Show Overwhelming Support For Patient Safety Measures

    Thousands of Long Islanders Sign Petitions Supporting Ban on Forced Overtime for Nurses

    State Legislations on Nurse Workplace Issues

    Nursings Federal Agenda on Workplace Issues

    This is what happens when nurses stand united.
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    Thanks. Well done.
  4. by   spineCNOR

    Way to go, New York Nurses!!!
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    <We will get exactly as much crap as we will take>

    LOL!!!! I like that signature line!
    And I for one, aint takin' no more crap!
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    Originally posted by spineCNOR

    Way to go, New York Nurses!!!
    ^5 On those smiley's spineCNOR , And thanks for the ray of hope, jt. :kiss