Importing nurses from the Phillipines

  1. My hospital is working on getting nurses from the Phillipines to fill some of our needs. We have been in the paper process for almost a year and now it looks like we actually will be getting some of these nurses in the next few months. Has anyone else gone this route? What were your challenges and surprizes. What did you discover you worried about needlessly?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
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  4. by   florry
    As a nurse with expirience for almost 25 years, both in general med/surg/geriatric/nursing, and as a nurse educator for 10 years, the last 2 years as parttime teacher and spes. clinically nursing in oncology,; I will say that my experience with the phillip. nurses is not as god as I hoped.

    The languv. is a huge problem, they don't understand importent message from the doctor or the patients (spec. the old patient).

    Their culture is very hierarcic, and they "allways" say no, even if they meen yes, and visa versa. Another thing: The doctor has allways right. They don't ask questions, they do thing. In my country (norway) we are trained to think by our own, to be critical, to even discuss and ask the team and doctor "why, please explain to me".. for learning and do the best job for the patients! (of course in a polite way.)

    Another thing: They are allways focusing in technical nursing, but nursing is MUCH more than iv. , medication and procedures.

    I know this is a very intricate questions, but that is my expericence!

    I am really conserned,
    from Florry
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome Florry!
    Hope to see more posts from you in the future.

    Please feel free to start a new thread describing nursing in Norway or any concerns you have.
  6. by   apols_uk
    hello to all.

    Yo tell you honestly im very upset about this topic very insensitive.
    Im a philippine nurse and currently working in london with masters degree taken at university college of london in which i gained and excellent A in clinical research. im also working as a senior staff nurse of a busy trauma ward in which my co-nurses, doctors and other allied memebers of the health care team are happy with my performance thats why they hired more filipino nurses as to our european counterparts in which language is a main barrier considering their proximity to the U.were talking communication here flory why dont you try to read your sentences
    and try to correct your tenses and spelling like always is with one L not allways or important not importent. and proper use of is and are as in plural or singular? please..................................if you know the meaning of politeness

    i do work with norwegians in here but not as impressed either.

    nursing is a complex whole we filipino nurses knew that. way from the first breath of life to the nearly dying the care never ends
    its not just clinical skills but interpersonal as well. i admit that were technically behind as to resources of the 1ts world but that deprivation made us think and decide on critical grounds specially if nursing decision making comes into focus. we filipinos are very warm,sensitive and understanding. communication can sometimes be a problem but give it a day or two we can alwyas bounce back with flying colors because we also love eductaing ourselves as to what is new to us. we do challenge doctors if were in doubt, question them and agreeing to them if we feel its for the better.

    next time before initiating anything specially this kind of topic, know first the facts OTHERWISE YOURE LIKE A SOLDIER IN A BATTLE WITHOUT A RIFFLE. got it?????????

    by the way flory how do you spell language??????? can you read your sentences

    the spelling of good is not god

    and concern is with a c in the middle not s

    i hope gardengal you have an insight to this

    may GOD bless those filipino nurses working with you
  7. by   apols_uk
    by the way florry we dont speak norwegian thats probably why these nurses say no
  8. by   jed
    Well, first of all, you need to learn your spelling B's. No need to say your years of experiences.......everybody here are nurses or becoming to be. I just need to broaden Florry's mind here.
    Well, nursing in the philippines is very hard. They need to pass an exam to get into the school. Then once they're gets even harder....heck from what I know they are trained similar to an MD in the phillipines. Then after school, they need to take a board exam. Then before they can go to the US, they need to take another board for US licensing. So I would be more comfortable working with a nurse from the philippines than from any part of the country outside of US ( perhaps Norway ? ) . It's why they don't ask that much questions to the doctor, coz they already know! Most nurses in the US originated from the phillipines. In fact, close to 80 % !! Since you're in Norway you wouldn't know.

    The language is not even a problem. English is normally and ARE REQUIRED to be spoken in the philippines. They learn a vast amount of english vocabulary in schools.

    "Their culture is very hierarcic, and they "always" say no, even if they meen yes, and visa versa"------I don't know where you're getting here, perhaps you have a huge problem communicating.

    After all that, I do agree that nursing is much more than IV, meds and procedure. BUT, these are necessary to treat a patient. A nurse needs to be competent and compassionate. These are the key elements.
    So the next time you see or criticize a nurse from phillipines, show some respects and may you get in return.
  9. by   globalRN
    I have worked with nurses from the Philipines, some were very good and others were not, pretty much the same situation with nurses from other countries that I have worked with: UK, Ireland, Australia, US, Canada and Hong Kong.
  10. by   florry
  11. by   florry

    Yes, I agree that my english is bad! But I am working in my own country, and dont have to speek engli.

    I understand that I have trigged some emotions here, and I know that in every part of the world, you will find nurses who are excellent and the opposite of that. The quest. was if you had some experience working with phil. nurses. I do have. I am sure you will find both kind.
  12. by   sjoe
    Florry--thanks for your honest feedback based on your experience, which is what the original post requested.

    Your English is certainly adequate, so don't apologize about it.

    The pettiness of the people who could only pick out spelling problems rather than giving THEIR experience as nurses as was requested says more about them and their defensiveness than it does about your language skills.

  13. by   apols_uk
    thats what im saying here florry each country has its own unique nursing laws and education. and your mainly targetting language problem here thats why i corrected you.

    and sjoe im not defensing why dont you read about her comments unless your one of those racist.

    well nevertheless i dont give a damn. i know my capacities.

    i think thats one of the main reason why america is loosing its nurses because of their mere ignorance specially to foreign nurses. im afraid to say that were saving your dying profession
  14. by   apols_uk
    i have passed the nclex but i can see myself being humiliated by american nurses. well not all of them but the discussion never stop on picking at us.