Help! RN,LPN, aides please respond to PA's MOT survey

  1. pennsylvania state nurses association (psna) has implemented a survey to gain valuable feedback from nurses regarding the issue of mandatory overtime. the survey is completely confidential and will assist psna in getting legislation (senate bill 989) passed which will prohibit the use of mandatory overtime as a regular means of nurse staffing. we believe mandatory overtime is a critical healthcare issue, not only affecting quality patient care, but also negatively impacting the already fragile supply of nurses.

    please take a few minutes and give psna your thoughts, your time will be greatly appreciated.

    survey at:

    open to all nursing staff: rn, lpn, nursing assistants, even out of state nurses. survey is confidential and takes less than 5 min. to complete. please help us in our fight to ban mandatory overtime. space provided to write your mot stories too! karen
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  3. by   ktwlpn
    Thanks again,Karen for your informative posts....
  4. by   OneChattyNurse

    Thanks for the opportunity to have my opinions heard!!!

  5. by   -jt
    Ok but what do I answer on this one?

    If you have worked a mandatory overtime shift in the last month, has your supervisor ever stated that you could be at risk for losing your license for patient abandonment if you refused to accept the mandated overtime:

    2-3 Times
    Each time that I was asked to work overtime
    Does not apply because I did not object to the mandatory overtime >>>>>

    I need another choice there. I DID object. I filed a protest form and a grievance because it was mismangement (a known staffing hole that was known for a month) - not an emergency. But she never said I could lose my license or be considered abandoning my pt. (they know better than to try to pull that BS on me - it wouldnt have any effect because I know that as long as there is another RN there - even if the only RN is the supervisor - nobody is being abandoned if I leave. So they dont even waste their breath with that threat)
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  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    No response to the question as statement not made by supervisor.

    You can write to to offer revisions to the poll if you feel its important.

    They did refine some of the responses after I responded to poll and noticied some ambiguious /overlaping answers....others had made similar comments per communications director.

    We have to start someplace.
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