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Given that many people including our own lawmakers believe there is a nursing shortage, I would like anyone and I mean anyone to send me hard data or primary research articles on how many RN's we... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    info you want is found at top of our news section from us burreau of health professions survey:

    2008 national sample survey of registered nurses: 5.3% growth to 3 million rn's

    their website has many data links.
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  2. by   JSlovex2
    as with ANY profession - it depends on where you live. i see people posting here all the time that they can't get jobs, they've applied everywhere, been unemployed for 1+ years, etc. but where i live/work there are new grads being hired every day. no, really, i see new faces practically every day. there are also signs all over town advertising nursing scholarships and the "nurse recruiting department" is very active. i would advise all the nurses who can't find jobs to broaden their horizons and look elsewhere. just bc there isn't a shortage where you live doesn't mean there isn't a need for nurses in other areas. i have no data to share - i'm only telling what's going on where i am.
  3. by   Woodenpug
    The BLS site has some pretty specific data. It's just hard to locate.
  4. by   madwife2002
    I agree with several posters it is the experienced nurses we are short of at the moment. I would advice the new grads that trying out for any job to get you though this.
    In 92 there was no nursing shortage and no jobs, I was a new grad I did anything to gain more experience and after 3 months I got a full time job!
    You can then use the experience to sell yourself-everything and I mean everything you do as a nurse can translate from one job to another it is just a matter of how you use that experience to sell yourself