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  1. by   lgcv
    Took care of a patient in ICU once who swore he/she was going to kill me. I know where you work/ I'll find where you live and "I will kill you *****". I have absolutely no doubt this person would have done just that if not for legal/psychiatric intervention. All the things wrong in this persons life, were in their mind my responsibility.
    The patients in the ER and on the psych floors, go to every other floor in the hospital too.
    THE LEAST AMOUNT OF INFORMATION POSSIBLE! My last name does not need to be on my name tag to encourage respect.
    I think the only people who would have a real interest in my last name are the ones with an agenda.
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  2. by   nurseratchett29
    I have worked in both types of places. The thing is that our names, titles, addresses and disciplinary record are public record (at least in MA). I see no reason to have to show your last name on your badge if anyone can get it if they really want it. Let them do the research. I have done psych and substance abuse and do not want it to be that easy for someone to just show up at my house. If they have to go through the state, at least there might be some kind of record that they requested the info.
  3. by   fergus51
    Ok, here's what I don't get about peple who don't want last names on their tags, so please enlighten me:

    1. These crazies you're worried about know where you work. They can just follow you home from the hospital to stalk you, even without knowing your last name.

    2. Patients here have the right to see their charts after filling out a form. In the charts, we all sign with our last names (Tracy RN would be a little vague on my unit). Sooooo, whether it's on the tag or not any loonie I treat can find out my last name. Maybe this isn't the same where you work?

    3. Why don't female doctors have the same concerns? They are just as vulnerable as female nurses, but I have never heard one of them introduce themselves by their first name only....

    Personally, I get offended at people who want to call me by my first name, but want me to call them Dr.____. I find it a little insulting, so I always introduce myself with my last name, and I let anyone who wants to be called Dr____ or Mr_____ call me Nurse_____. If they want to be on a first name basis, I use my first name too.
  4. by   fiestynurse
    I agree with mopsi. We should go back to the use of more formal names.