From Hippocrates to Hypocrisy

  1. Article in the Sedona Observer

    From Hippocrates to Hypocrisy

    This is not just a story about health-care horrors. Nor is it a series of anecdotes written by exasperated Americans, insured or not, under a broken and debauched medical system.
    Rather, it is a story about how we have gone from Hippocrates to hypocrisy, creating a monstrous industry that favors currency over human life.

    It is a story about what happens when we sleepwalk in the false comfort zones of self-absorbed complacency and mediocrity, in stonewalled silence and blind allegiance to a system that fooled us into thinking it was synonymous with care and compassion. It is also about what actions we need to take when we suddenly wake up from our hibernation of delusion....
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    I think there are several people who are blinded by the religion of capitalism over that of social justice.
  4. by   Simplepleasures
    WOW, what a PROFOUND TRUTH.I think the nation is beginning to see what has happened here, I hope those who are still slumbering awaken.I am blown away by this article, GOOD WORK once again for finding it Spacenurse! I am stealing it for a debate going on in the LTC forum.THANKS!!!
  5. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    Should be required reading for all healthcare professionals, especially some nurses logged onto our website. It's back to "there but for the Grace of God go I...." some people seem to be luckier than others. My heart goes out to our fellow human beings who had the misfortune of being patients without/with insurance in these great United States!