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This makes me rethink heading south for retirement. Nursing shortage hits critical stage in Florida By Nancy McVicar Health Writer... Read More

  1. by   michelle95
    It would seem places like this will create their own shortages in their insistence on paying such low wages. Who would move where wages are that low yet cost of living rising each year?
    Exactly. We just moved to this part of Florida (Bradenton) back in August. I make 20.23 an hour (start for new RN grads is 18.50 but I have 6 years of LPN experience). In Pensacola, where I came from, I probably could have gotten 17. But, the cost of living here in this particular area of FL is such that we are thinking of moving back. To get a decent house (not on the crime ridden side of town) is going to cost at least 200,000 if not more. We could get the same house in P'cola for probably 120,000. And, let's not even talk about GA where I am from. For 200 grand, I could get at least 5 acres and a 4 bedroom house in the country.

    I took care of a guy that is a maintenance tech at the hospital I work at. He said when he moved from Atlanta to here (Bradenton)...he went from 26 an hour to about 10. He interviewed for one job and they were going to pay him 12....but, a retiree interviewed and told them that he would do the job for 8 an hour because he "didn't need the money". The point? My hubby is a main man and makes the same as he did in P'cola (luckily)...but, if he were to leave his current job (which he doesn't like), he would take a large pay cut.

    We always wanted to come to this part of Florida to live....we have vacationed here and it is sooo beautiful. But, with all the rich people coming and flinging their money..it's becoming hard for the "little guy" to get by.

    Thinking of going home. I miss my family anyway. And, the people seem so rude, here.
  2. by   geekgolightly
    Quote from VickyRN
    Let me add my Florida and Texas are two states in which I would never work as a nurse.
    I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that the Bushs' have been in control of those states....
  3. by   grannynurse FNP student
    Quote from geekgolightly
    I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that the Bushs' have been in control of those states....

    Now, now my SIL thinks they are the best thing since white bread.

  4. by   icugirl33

    I'm a new grad in South Florida & my hospital started at $23 plus diff, they also gave $12,000 for 2 yr contract plus $5,000 sign on bonus. A friend of mine just told me yesterday that Broward General raised their starting salaries to $23.25 plus diff. Yes, the cost of living is crazy at the moment. My neighbor just sold her townhouse for $265,000 & she brought it in 2003 for $129,000. A friend of mine has a contract on her house for $550,000 & she brought it in 2002 for $167,000. She's moving to Houston, TX and buying a 4,000 square foot home under construction (5 bed/ 4 baths) for $220,000.
  5. by   land64shark
    I'll be starting nursing school here in Florida in January. I plan on getting out of this state at my earliest convenience after graduation. Aside from the low pay and high property costs that have been discussed already, I can't take the skyrocketing cost of homeowners insurance. It's going up to $3000/yr and I'm not even on the water! Both of my sisters in Maryland and Raleigh pay about $600/yr and they have bigger homes than I do! Our electric bills are outragous as well because they keep raising the rates and adding surcharges to pay for hurricane damages in the state. Telephone is doing the same. All utilities are high. Our real estate taxes are high as well. My house is over $5000/yr and I don't even get garbage service with that.

    All this and then we have to fear the tropical weather systems for 1/2 the year.

    Let me out!
  6. by   tlcprn2u
    Quote from Norbert Holz
    Although I don't remember who you are by your nicknames here; I surely remember going to Tallahassee! Our elected representatives need to be educated on the crisis in Nursing! I will be working on this issue till the safe conditions we all need become a reality everywhere!
    All of us involved in the struggle for quality patient care will continue to educate the public(legislators included) about the real situation happening with the crisis in Nursing(complex as the problem is). Our patients, our co-workers and our profession deserve nothing less! See you in Tallahassee soon.