Fla: Shands Hospital plans $500,000 for 2005 Super Bowl effort

  1. Shands HealthCare, which runs a financially strapped Jacksonville hospital, will contribute $500,000 to the city's 2005 Super Bowl and will be the official healthcare provider. Advocates for the poor are scoffing at the idea.

    Florida Times-Union, Jan. 15, 2003

    It's spending money like this "to improve hospital image/name" that SHOULD be spent on nursing salary improvements/work conditions that makes nurses blood boil and LEAVE a facility.
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  3. by   oramar
    Give me a break, that is not a proper way for a healthcare orginization to spend money. Let the resorts do that.
  4. by   Glad2behere
    Wow, how does any leadership get that far off center?
  5. by   RN2B4SUR
    I am almost embrassed to say I am currently a student going though FCCJ and doing my clinicals at Shands.....they have always been bad at managing money
  6. by   fab4fan
    The only appropriate response I can think of is, "Gag me with a spoon!"