FLa: Nursing shortage-34,000 additional RNs needed by 2006

  1. FHA Presents Report on Shortage
    The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) has released its study on nursing and health staffing issues in Florida in the report "Florida's nursing shortage: It is here and it is getting worse." Since 1988, the FHA has conducted an annual survey of member hospitals concerning the shortages of nurses and allied health professionals. Data collected on the surveys help educate legislators, the media, and the general public on the extent of workforce staffing issues experienced by Florida hospitals. The report lists the number of RNs currently in Florida and says the state will need about 34,000 additional RNs by 2006. The full report is available at http://www.fha.org/acrobat/nursingshortage01.pdf
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  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Thanks for the file. I was just out there to visit my dad(who is 75yo) and he's concerned about it of course.

    Guess where he thinks I should work?

    Do you think this is just another case of more RN licenses than there are jobs being filled? I noticed that there were more nurses, then the numbers decreased. I also noticed that PA. has the most nurses per capita. That could be why they are having such problems with administrators. They've got room to be smug. It could also be used as an argument that getting more nurses in your state doesn't seem to fix the problem. That would point the finger at administrators.

    Maybe thier surveys will backfire on them. I would like to see a chart that compares the "shortages" per state to the number of actual licenses in comparison to this one.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. by   betts
    LOL...Nursing Shortage in Florida is mostly due too licensure there.
    Within 30 days of the receipt of your application and fee you will be notified of your status.


    I received a 'Confirmation of Receipt' and included in same was a notice NOT to contact them within 30days. They also require your local law enforcement agency to fingerprint you on the fingerprint card they send you, you CANNOT use any other. It can take up to 6 months to get their license.

    I currently hold active licenses in Indiana and Virginia; also, I started my nursing career in Florida, went to college and graduated in Orlando; medical/clinical at Orlando Regional Healthcare System(where I was a FT employee for 5 years), a Level I Trauma Center and still awaiting acceptance letter.

    Nursing Shortage in Florida? Now you know of 1 reason.
  5. by   psnurse
    Worked in Florida. In addition to the licensing headache, had the worst pay and benefits I have ever had.

    Don't plan to go back without MAJOR improvements.
  6. by   Harleyhead
    I have been in fl for 3 years. The procedure to work here was terrible. The pay and benefits suck. I am due to attend a retension meeting next week and need some ideas and solutions. oh yea we really do have a shortage of nurses at the bedside I wonder why?Please help. On the plus side I would not trade this Fl weather for anywhere. today in the 80's.
  7. by   psnurse
    I don't remember the weather. I was in my workaholic phase and they were always happy to oblige me. Lucky for me, I outgrew this little problem.

    What I remember about Florida nursing was the benefits cost more than anywhere I had worked before or since, and the coverage was less, with more out of pocket expenses.

    The pay was horrendous. They did offer bonuses in some places, which was a good thing. I worked CCU and ED while there and the staffing ratio seemed ok. I didn't feel overwhelmed.

    I let my license lapse for Florida, because have no plans to come back. But I did ask what would be required. What a quagmire!!!! Simplicity to the process might encourage more to return for the weather. I would have to account for every CEU I have obtained since leaving Florida. In some other states I only have to produce the last 24 months. Much more managable.

    It took Florida 4 months to verify that I had held a license there and had no outstanding complaints against it so I could get my Michigan license. The original licensure and re-instatement fees are ludicrous.

    I know some of these things can't be addressed in a retention meeting, but those are some of the major barriers for me.
  8. by   betts
    Nursing Retention...........ummmmmmmm:

    Cost to send everything they require from you
    Job Security
    CEU Certified Sites
    Continuity ie: Jax sends out apps; Tallahassee too receive
    Nursing Retention New laws Jan2002 but what about until then?
    Safety (when i was at ORHS,nurse murdered in parking garage)