Drug ads shifting under pressure

  1. philadelphia inquirer, march 15, 2005

    drug ads shifting under pressure

    moved by the recall of the pain pill vioxx, one of the most heavily advertised drugs of all time, the fda has begun warning companies that it will crack down on ads that muddle drug risks. there is also talk in congress about limiting consumer ads, an industry lobbyist says. while the rules have not changed, companies may not be waiting. industry consultants say many companies are - or should be - considering a shift in ad strategy.
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  3. by   gwenith
    From what we understand advertising is one of the biggest cost additions on US drug prices and one of the major reasons why you pay so much more than us for the same drugs.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I personally think prescription drug ads need to STOP. How many people think they "need the purple pill" without knowing a THING about it???? I think these ads can be dangerous and yes, very costly. If pharm companies want to save money,they need to cut back on adversiting. Hard sell, though, that I know.
  5. by   UnewmeB4
    They are great at targetting their audience. If I am at the gym at 1 pm, the ads are all about depression. Viagra is saved for the evening when the "men are home".