Disappointed by Health Leaders site

  1. They have a list of top 20 news stories of 2002. Most of the stories have either the word doctor, HMO or hospital in the title. Not one article has the word NURSE in the title. This is inspite of the fact that this site has carried many, many good nursing shortage articles. They seemed to think an article about HMOs hiring agencies to help them improve their TV and movie image is more important than the nursing shortage. How can one not mention any of the many landmark studies on the nursing shortage that made info avaliable to the public this year?
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    Why would they report something so evident to those who work in it (people might actually be afraid to go to the hospital). Its bad publicity. And no one wants bad publicity. Sad isnt it. I wish they would headline a month with whats going on, and follow nurses in each area of the job to just see how short areas were and how strained and stressed. Its just a thought instead of showing how hard the drs are having it, and how hmo's are doing how about show how the Real ones are barely making it and why.
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    Here is link to Healthleaders 2002 Review: