Calif: CNA " Roll Call"

  1. from the cna website:

    "calling rns nationwide"
    the california nurses association has worked for many years to introduce safe staffing ratios in california hospitals, at last those ratios will be in place beginning january 1, 2002. we are confident that the introduction of these ratios will bring registered nurses back into the profession.....

    safe staffing ratios:

    intensive care/critical care/neo-natal intensive care (icu/ccu/nicu) 1:2
    burn 1:2
    operating room/post anesthesia (recovery/pacu)
    under anesthesia 1:1
    post anesthesia 1:2
    emergency department 1:3
    medical and surgical, telemetry, specialty care 1:3
    step-down/intermediate care 1:3
    labor and delivery
    obstetrics* 1:3
    active labor 1:1
    immediate postpartum 1:1
    postpartum normal newborn (not couplets) 1:5
    pediatrics 1:3
    psychiatry 1:4
    sub-acute/transitional inpatient 1:4

    website needs to be checked out.......are these really the staffing ratios agreed to by ca legislature?? karen
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Wouldn't it be nice if it were true? And how do they plan to enforce these ratios? Some of them are so "pie-in-the-sky" that I'm wondering what the legislature was sipping when they passed this; some of these levels have never been achieved!!!!! Where will they come up with the #'s to do this? And how will they enforce it?
  4. by   prmenrs
    I haven't heard they have passed yet. I know there was a lot of staff nurse input, as that's who's in CNA.

    Try to go to the home page of CNA from that link and then link to that topic.

    The hospital organization states they'll have to close beds to do it. We'll see.

    I was in Sacramento in May, but it was regarding Spec Ed stuff, so couldn't check on that item.
  5. by   fiestynurse
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  6. by   -jt
    So back to the question -

    The state hasnt actually passed the ratios yet? Its still being discussed as to what those ratios will actually be? And the final decision is made by the state Dept of Health??
    Those ratios are very nice but they are just a proposal & we all know the end result is usually very different from an original proposal in any discussions. So these ratios have not actually been decided, right? Theyre still debating it? So who knows what the actual final numbers will be. And the Gov doesnt have to implement them for "several years"????
    Isnt this supposed to be concluded by January?

    Definitely once manageable pt ratios are set, nurses will take notice. Just as the nurses in Canada (Alberta?) did when their state raised RN salaries double-digit % (20% ?) & the nurses ran back to refresher courses & hospital jobs so fast, there was a waiting list for them.
  7. by   fiestynurse
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  8. by   Jenny P
    Fiestynurse, I wish you and the CNA all of the luck in the world in getting these ratios passed.

    However, we know the input from the CHA will affect them; and I am concerned that any further problems in California's already shakey healthcare economy will be blamed on selfish nurses and these ratios. And if the waits in the EDs for beds become any longer it will again be blamed on the nurses, as will any more hospital closings, etc. My concern is the system is already broken and there will be drastic changes in the whole system in the near future; the danger is that the CEOs and others who have profited at the patients and our expense will now have an easy fall guy to put the blame on.

    I hope I am wrong in making these predictions, but I doubt it.