Boston: Hospital offering RN's $100,000 salary...

  1. Hiring for health care is surging in Bay State

    By Liz Kowalczyk,, Globe Staff, 1/29/2003

    As the economy suffers through layoffs and wage freezes, hospitals and doctors are hiring thousands of new employees and offering unprecedented referral bonuses and raises to key staff, including $100,000 annual salaries to experienced nurses at one Boston hospital.

    Thinking of moving as current salary little less than half this amount with 25 years in nursing.
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  3. by   howie122832
    What about cost of living??? How much different in Boston compared to where you live?
  4. by   PennyLane
    Ack! I knew I shouldn't have left Boston!!

    BTW--It's very pricey to live in the city, but depending on where you look, it can be affordable. I had a small two-bedroom apt. for $825 near Newton (about 5 miles from downtown), but the landlord raised it to $1300 after we moved out.

    There are a lot of students in Boston, so you can find affordable places to rent. Buying is another story, unfortunately. Property costs are over-inflated.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Husbands family has lived in this home for 53 years...I'll probably die in it within the next 40...teenagers swear they'll be here too.

    I remember my brothers boast at same age in my parents home... I plan on kicking out while in college...oldest says it's just to turn his bedroom into a giant library for my nursing books and papers!