Better than telemarketing

  1. Brian posted an article over on news section. It is about Filipino nurses (who I have heard nothing but good things about) they are quiet and hard working and never complain, "so happy to be here". Well that is great but some praise is like a sword with two edges. A manager might say that because they love the fact that they can abuse this particular group of people without fear of reprisals. Also, some of us might wonder if that statement might imply that locally grown nurses are loud and lazy and always complaining? Anyway, it is the last line of article that just about gave me a fit. "Nursing is a neat thing to do". ..."It is better than sitting in a cubical and being a telemarketer". I had my first WTF reaction in all the years I have been coming to allnurses. WHAT does that remark mean, I don't find it very flattering. Not flattering to me personally or to the profession of nursing.
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Maybe thats what a lot of fillipinos do. I think I got called by one the other day. I had a hard time understanding him.
  4. by   TELEpathicRN
    as a whole, Fillipino nurses are great, caring, and give excellent pt care, but I have worked with a lot of them that don't care about the pts, say they are just here to make US$$ and are going back to the Phillipines with our money when they retire, etc.... I guess there are sour apples in every culture. The fillipinos in San Fransisco are an example of the great nurses, but the ones I worked with in LA were "strictly for the cash"