Bar codes on drugs proposed

  1. The FDA says using a supermarket-style bar code on every drug dispensed will dramatically reduce medical errors and save lives, but the new policy is expected to take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to implement.

    Washington Post, March 9, 2003
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  3. by   moonshadeau
    Our hospital was piloting the system Autros about a year or two back. Everyone admitted had an id band on with a bar code. Most of the medications stocked in our pyxis also had bar codes on them. You scan the patient and scan each med and scan the MAR. Good in theory but not practical when it comes to "fixing" medication errors. Basically, what I heard about the system was that it was a big pain in the rear for nurses. They canned the program and haven't brought it back yet. It was like having the cart before the horse on this idea. They still relied on hand-written orders, which actually was the source of most errors rather than administering the wrong drug to the patient.
  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    we are starting e-mar in a couple months every med will be bar coded and to give you will have to scan pt's wrist band at the bedside with med cart
  5. by   ageless
    the veteran's administration has had this system in place for a while now. Its called BCMA
  6. by   FullMoonMadness
    We are starting this program at my hospital. Its still in the educational phase but should be implemented in July.It sound time consuming and unless the M.D.'s don't start entering orders in the computer,I don't see how it will reduce errors.
  7. by   Geeg
    I guess we'll be asking if they want paper or plastic too!!!!!!