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Who is all going to the ANA convention and when will you be there? How will we meet, and can we plan to get together for coffee (maybe) and a face to face chat? :nurse: :hatparty: :dance: This... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    As long as you are posting special events of the convention, I hope everyone is interested in Saturday's House of Delegates when they will be working on the structure of ANA from 10A til 5P (according to the schedule). This should be the hottest topic at the convention. If anyone wants to know what ANA is and does; this is going to be THE defining session of the HOD.
  2. by   -jt
    <You have to be a BSN to get the student discount>

    I think you misunderstood. From what I know, the student rate is available to ANY nursing student who is not already a licensed nurse. The student discount only does not apply to current RNs who are students in programs for additional nursing degrees.
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    advance registration - postmarked by may 17th
    • full convention $285
    • two-day fee $190
    • daily fee $135
    • ana elected delegate/official $230 (alternates register at full convention member rates)
    • cma staff support $115 (non exec directors, no ce)
    • student $115 (undergrad only w/ current id)
    • retired member over 62 $115

    • full convention $365
    • two-day fee $245
    • daily fee $160

    after 5/17 or on-site
    • full convention $335
    • two-day fee $215
    • daily fee $135

    • full convention $425
    • two-day fee $265
    • daily fee $160
    truly , i'm not trying to be smart so please be patient with me. according to dictionary. com ( definition of undergraduate is:
    un-der-grad-u-ate pronunciation key (ndr-grj-t)

    a college or university student who has not yet received a bachelor's or similar degree.


    1. of, relating to, or characteristic of undergraduates: undergraduate courses; undergraduate humor.
    2. having the standing of an undergraduate: an undergraduate transfer student.

    source: the american heritage dictionary of the english language, fourth edition
    copyright 2000 by houghton mifflin company.
    published by houghton mifflin company. all rights reserved.

    i just want to be sure of ana's definition of an undergraduate nursing student...i take it as being a bsn or quite possibly an adn/aas student. however, it does appear though that...lpn & diploma-rn nursing students wouldn't qualify...going by ana's website. sorry for being stuck on this one point.

    nrskarenrn & or -jt, if the ana's website is misquoted by me or somehow got misprinted or misrepresented (meaning that they were referring to all nursing students) & if i'm still incorrect....please let me know for i have quite a few lpn co-workers, adn/aas-rn student, diploma-rn student as well as lpn student friends who are interested...thanks :kiss - moe.

    ps...i did see your above post nrskarenrn regarding the student discount being offered during pre-registration period...unfortunately, i didn't learn of the convention being held in philadelphia, pa until well passed the deadline. my other question is: will students be able to get some sort of discount still (if not the same discount as pre-registration) at the door?
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  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    please all come---- i will verify above with ana convention planning committee on monday.

    convention in full swing sun/mon and tue.

    if you want to come just for the ceu sessions, you won't be dissapointed!

    house of delegates: nurses elected by state constituent members to decide policies and running of ana (can be quite emotional and spirited debates on topics) convenes on friday

    special events & schedule-at-a-glance

    opening session
    nurses care for america don't miss this!
    june 30, 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
    speaker: elizabeth norman, phd, faan, rn

    nurses have always cared for america - both in times of war and peace. the recent threat to our country and way of life has emphasized the vital role that nurses play in our society. our keynote speaker, dr. elizabeth norman, has written two books on nurses during war: women at war, the story of fifty military nurses who served in vietnam 1965-1973 and we band of angels, the untold story of american nurses trapped on batann by the japanese during world war ii. she will share with us her inspirational stories of nurses, caring for america.

    plenary i
    our genetic future
    july 1, 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    speaker: francis sellers collins, md, phd

    please join francis sellers collins, md, phd, who as director of the national human genome research institute spearheaded a world-wide consortium that completed the first map and sequence of the human genome in 2001. in his plenary presentation, dr.collins will express his high hopes for nurses as leaders in preparing the public for the genetics revolution that is now unfolding.

    monday, july 1, 2002
    honorary awards and hall of fame banquet
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm (banquet)
    semi-formal attire
    philadelphia marriott

    the american nurses association cordially invites you to attend the honorary awards and hall of fame banquet to honor the 2002 awardees.

    plenary ii
    sc136: nursing's agenda for the future
    july 2, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
    faculty: mary e. foley, ms, rn, president, ana

    are you aware of the exciting work that is being done by ana and sixty other nursing organizations to address critical staffing and shortage issues affecting safety and quality of care for all health care consumers? the resulting comprehensive and strategic "nursing's agenda for the future" describes the desired future state and work objectives within the ten domains of: leadership & planning; economic value; work environment; delivery systems; legislation/regulation/policy; pr/communications' professional culture; education; recruitment & retention; and diversity. please join us to learn about the progress which has been made in the development and implementation of "nursing's agenda for the future."

    plenary iii
    sc175: positioning ourselves for success which is a journey, not a destination
    july 2, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    faculty: donna cardillo, ma, rn

    this empowering and energizing closing plenary will light a fire under you to enable you to find your passion and renew your enthusiasm about your profession. be sure to end your attendance at the convention on this high note!

    wednesday, june 26th 2002
    8am-5pm uan national labor assembly business mtg + voting by union members. jt will represent ny and nursing well.
    5-7pm uan reception

    thursday, june 27th 2002
    9am-5pm uan national labor assembly

    friday, june 28, 2002
    1pm-7pm convention registration
    8am-12pm constituent assembly meeting meeting of all member groups
    2pm-3:30pm ana house of delegates(hod) meetingfind out about business and requests for positions/actions ana to take oer next two years. info sent to delegtes ahead of time.
    3:45pm-5:45pm reference hearings discussion on business + direction ana heading based on position statements presented by members/ board of directors....hear how others are thinking of voting
    6pm-7:45pm finance forum

    saturday, june 29, 2002
    7am-5pm convention registration
    7:30am-9:45am ana candidates forum meet candidates running for office and hear their positions on nursing + ana business
    8am-4pm pre-convention educational sessions
    10am-5pm ana house of delegates meeting for non-members, listen in on discussion and add your .02c-- hod members only get to vote
    8pm-12mid pac fund raising event

    sunday, june 30, 2002
    7am-5pm convention registration
    7:30am-8:15am new attendee orientation
    7:30am-12noon ana elections ana members submit ballot anytime to vote on directors.
    8:30am-10am convention opening session
    10am-noon concurrent educational sessions
    noon-4pm exhibits & posters open
    4pm-6:50pm concurrent educational sessions
    7:30pm-9pm convention opening reception

    monday, july 1, 2002
    7am-5pm convention registration
    8am-noon house of delegates meeting
    8am-10am educational sessions
    10am-2pm exhibits & posters open
    2pm-4pm concurrent educational sessions
    4pm-5pm convention plenary session i
    6 pm honorary awards and hall of fame banquet
    5pm-9pm concurrent educational sessions

    tuesday, july 2, 2002
    7am-6pm convention registration
    8am-9am convention plenary session ii
    9am-10am concurrent educational sessions
    10am-1pm exhibits & posters open
    1pm-4pm concurrent educational sessions
    4pm-5:30pm closing plenary session
    6-9pm concurrent educational sessions
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  5. by   -jt
    ,Student $115 (Undergrad only w/ current ID) .

    Exactly what I said. Any student who is not ALREADY an RN.
    It says nothing about the kind of degree youre getting. I think maybe you read too much into the term. Its written that way to make clear to all the current RNs who are back in school for additional degrees that, for regsitration, they will be considered to be RNs - not students & will pay the RN rate. There are a lot of currently licensed RNs who are students in graduate programs. The student discount does not apply to them. Its only for student nurses who have not yet graduated & been licensed....thus the term UNDERGRADUATE.

    But, just so you are sure you have the correct info........

    The ANA phone number is on the website that youve already been to. They'll be happy to answer all your questions. We've already given you the info but if youre still in doubt, it would be best for you to go to straight to the source.
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    originally posted by -jt
    ...but, just so you are sure you have the correct info........

    the ana phone number is on the website that youve already been to. they'll be happy to answer all your questions. we've already given you the info but if youre still in doubt, it would be best for you to go to straight to the source.
    ....e-mail them :imbar.
  7. by   moonshadeau
    I am an undergraduate student going for my BSN, but I currently hold an ADN. I took the student rate since I work and go to school full time and since I don't qualify for financial aid it is all coming out of my pocket. I stated on the registration form that I was a staff nurse and I hold an associate's degree. If I have to pay the balance when I register that is fine, and I accept it. But with the cost of the convention reaching the 600+ mark. I am sticking with the student rate.
    ...per ana customer service (1-800-274-4262), not the cistems/wwrs, inc number on the website at 888-249-0367 (they only can answer question to those fortunate souls who had the chance to pre-register)... the student discount of $115.00 was only offered during the pre-registration period. all registration after may 17th dead-line is full price. i'm just sorry that i didn't learn about the convention prior to the dead-line date.

    thanks - moe
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    *******GOOD NEWS FOR STUDENTS!!*******

    Spoke with PSNA Membership Department.

    Students can attend convention for rate of $115.00/day as long as undergraduate (that is in high school, lpn program, or AD or BSN student) WITH ID from school.

    Registraion is open 1-7PM friday; all other days 7AM -5PM.

    Non-members can visit for daily rate of $160.00/day

    Hope to see you there!!
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    *******good news for students!!*******

    spoke with psna membership department.

    students can attend convention for rate of $115.00/day as long as undergraduate (that is in high school, lpn program, or ad or bsn student) with id from school.

    registration is open 1-7pm friday; all other days 7am -5pm.

    non-members can visit for daily rate of $160.00/day

    hope to see you there!!
    that's great news :hatparty:.....i'm glad that the psna membership department ruled in our favor....i really couldn't afford the full price at the door & didn't want to look stupid showing up at the door expecting to get-in with a student discount if they weren't still offering one. i had gotten the precious information from a ana customer service person whom may not have been aware that ana are still offering this deal.

    thanks nrskarenrn :blushkiss, i will certainly pass this information on so that others may also attend - moe.
  11. by   Jenny P
    Hey, Moe, look us up if you come!
    originally posted by jenny p
    hey, moe, look us up if you come!
  13. by   nightingale
    Thoughts and prayers are with you all! I wish I could go; I leave for camp nursing tomorrow.