100 Years! 1st NURSES union in the US too!

  1. http://cna.igc.org/cna/centennial/

    It happens once in a lifetime... September 14-18, 2003
    CNA Celebrates 100 Years of RN Power!
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    Anyone here going? I am! Looking forward to it.
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    Not Me, It may interfere with my golf
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    I would love to go! I may have a chance, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Labor Group Marks 100th Anniversary

    California's Largest RN Organization Ranks High on List of Most Powerful in Healthcare

    On the eve of Labor Day and as it prepares for a grand celebration of its 100th year, the California Nurses Association (CNA) gained new national recognition for its role in the healthcare industry, in particular its role in sponsoring the nation's first state law mandating minimum nurse-to-patient hospital staffing ratios.

    In this year's polling by Modern Healthcare magazine for the 100 "most influential people in healthcare," CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro came in at number 60 - up from number 81 in 2002. In releasing the listing, the magazine's editors observed:

    "In California, the push for landmark nurse-to-patient ratios -- now scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2004 --was led by the powerful and aggressive California Nurses Association, which represents about 55,000 nurses after breaking away from the more conservative ANA in 1993 in what is still described as a 'revolution' pitting staff nurses against administrators. Few individuals in the nursing community are more vocal than Rose Ann DeMoro, the CNA's executive director, who placed No. 60 on the list, a 21-slot improvement over last year."

    "It's not about individual power; it's about collective power," DeMoro told Modern Healthcare. "We've given voice to the largest group of people in the healthcare industry. That's why we're able to effectuate change."

    The editors also noted that nursing organizations, "have evolved into one of the most potent coalitions in healthcare....reflecting "the crucial roles nurses play in two of today's dominant themes in healthcare: the push for patient safety and the agonizing challenges of nursing shortages."

    CNA to celebrate 100th anniversary September 14-16

    On September 14, CNA will open a two-day gala celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the group, which is the largest and fastest growing organization of Registered Nurses in the nation. The observance which is to be held in conjunction with the CNA Biennial House of Delegates and Convention will feature appearance by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, author Barbara Ehrenreich and singer-songwriter Holly Near and others.

    CNA Centennial Celebration
    When: September 14-16
    Where: Oakland Marriot
    1001 Broadway
    Oakland, Ca.
    Highlights of the centennial include:

    * Testimony by RNs on how nursing and health care have changed over the past century
    * A large rally for health care reform as RNs emphasize the importance of universal health care in upcoming state and national elections
    * Guest appearances by major candidates
    * Keynote addresses by author Barbara Ehrenreich and consumer activist Ralph Nader
    * Presentations by commentator Jim Hightower, authors Frances Fox-Piven and Suzanne Gordon, and other guest speakers
    * Analysis of the latest trends and solutions for improving quality patient care and reducing the nursing shortage

    Founded in 1903, CNA pioneered and sponsored many major developments in nursing and health care history, including:

    * The first collective bargaining contracts for RNs in the nation
    * The first laws to require safe RN staffing ratios for patients
    * Laws to regulate and license nursing practice
    * Major proposals for comprehensive health care reform and other prominent innovations in public health policy

    CNA currently represents 55,000 RNs in 150 facilities in California, and has affiliate organizations in Arizona and Missouri.

    Over 1,000 RNs from around the world are expected to join the festivities.

    More background on the Centennial event is available on the CNA website, www.calnurse.org.

    For the list of 100 Most Powerful: http://www.modernhealthcare.com/